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If you want to get GOAT Shocks now, they're in stock at Mountain Yotas in Colorado. Call 303-834-7413 to get them.

100% Made in the USA

Standard 2.5" Diameter Shock Bodies

Standard 7/8" Hardened Shafts

Standard Double Internal Bypasses

Position Sensitive Ride Dynamics

Finned Remote Reservoirs with Dual Adjusters

Floating Reservoir Mounts 

Engineered Wiper Seals to Last Longer in Cold and Heat

Fully Rebuildable at Every Level

2 Year 50,000 Mile Warranty

Made by and for Toyota Off-road Enthusiasts

Engineered, Manufactured, and Assembled 100% in the USA

Available for 2005+ Tacomas (including the new 4th Gen), 2003+ 4Runners, & 2022+ Tundras